Japanese Tsunami


Equipment Recovery Experts- Consulting and Project Management Recovery Services working with businesses to restore and re-certify your electronics, equipment and machinery damaged by storm surge flooding from the recent tsunami to hit northern Japan.

Consulting & Recovery ServicesElectro-Mechanical Recertifiers, LLC. is a full service disaster restoration and consulting company responding to the crisis in Japan. Our consulting division is experienced in the recovery and assessment of damaged Electrical and Mechanical Systems as well as Specialty Systems and Installed/Detached Production or Proprietary Equipment. Including Fire Alarms, Sprinkler Systems, Security Systems, Elevators, Power Distribution & Switch Gear, Generators, Servers/Computers, Control Panels, Equipment and Bio-Medical Equipment.

Providing technical and engineering assessments and reports for commercial, multi-residential, residential, industrial and institutional settings; specializing in E, M, P and specialty building systems and all machinery and equipment types.

  • Mitigation & Corrosion Control Measures
  • Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Reviews
  • Network and IT Assessments and Reports for Systems
  • Software Engineers
  • Equipment Evaluations and Reports
  • Structural & Equipment Drying Solutions
  • Project Management Services
  • OEM Liaison and Re-Certification Procedures
  • Installed/In-place Replacement Cost Evaluations
  • Restoration Cost Evaluations
  • Salvage Value Surveys
  • Confirmation of Asset Inventories & Valuations
  • Total Loss Documentation
  • Site Specific Reviews and Recommended Recovery Protocols
  • ARC Flash Assessments
  • Annual Equipment Inspections
  • Maintenance Verification
  • Electro-Mechanical Equipment Claims

Japanese translators are available by setting an appointment.